The Davis Companies originated in 1975 with the founding of Davis & Sons Construction Company, Inc. Davis and Sons was established to develop and construct multi-family housing under what was then known as the USDA Farmer’s Home 515 Program for Rural Rental Housing. Later that same year, Davis Property Management was established to manage the properties built by Davis & Sons. In the late 1980's the focus shifted to the 9% tax credit apartments. In 1995, Davis Heritage Ltd. was added as the developer for all new projects. In the mid 1990’s, the Davis Companies began developing student housing. The first student housing was completed at the University of Florida.  In 2000, Davis & Sons Construction Company, LLC was formed and assumed responsibility for all existing and future construction.   

In 2004 the Davis Companies expanded into condominium and luxury apartment development. In 2005 Davis Companies, LLC was officially formed to serve as the development company and the parent company for our organization.

The Davis Companies has proven its ability to successfully adapt to ever changing times and markets. With many new ideas for where we aim to go and knowledge of where we have been, the Davis Companies is well prepared for the future in community development.

Our Services

Davis Companies

The real estate development team at Davis Companies works diligently to identify communities that could benefit from new multifamily housing. Once we find the right property for our developments we work with architects and engineers to create the right product for that property. 

Davis and Sons Construction Company, LLC

Davis and Sons Construction Company takes the vision and criteria that the development team provides and makes it a reality. Ensuring that the projects are constructed to provide the best long term value.

Davis Property Management

Davis Property Management (DPM) markets the newly constructed project to the community and works diligently to maintain the asset that was created.


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